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In the photo Sheikh Tawfeeq al-Sayegh is saying his goodbyes to the Kaabah after having his citizenship revoked in Saudi Arabia. He has been the khateeb and Imam in a mosque in Jeddah for over 10 years. He held political positions that did not conform to that of the Kingdom. He openly rebuked the slaughter of Egyptians at the hands of Sisi in the Rabaa massacres along with his support of the oppressed Palestinians who were betrayed by the Muslims. Anyone who openly opposes Saudis political position in supporting and aiding the oppressors will either face jail or deportation.

Saudi Arabia is issuing citizenships to singers and dancers and deporting and jailing scholars and duaat who dare speak the truth. May Allah rid the Muslims of hypocrite leaders who pretend to rule by the Shariah of Allah and may He protect the scholars of truth from harm, ameen.

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